PAT Testing Course testimonials, Comments From Previous Attendees

Here are some genuine comments which have been taken from evaluation forms, which are given to everybody who attends a course.

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"Excellent Course - Tim is a great trainer, and I learned FAR more than I expected to"

Bob Henderson, Brighton Course, Feb 2013​

"Really Interesting and a lot less complicated than I thought! Fantastic teacher, fantastic venue - 1st Class course - would recommend it"

Ben Deakin, Hull, September 2013​

"I would very much recommend going on this course. Tim as a tutor delivered the course at an easy pace which was backed up by lots of information and hands-on practicals"

Brian Madlcan, London, May 2015​

"Great venue, fabulous course. A lot of information presented in a simple way."

Mark Harris, Exeter Course, February 2014

"Very informative and answered all questions. Feel confident to get started

Shona Hall, Exeter, July 14

"A great course - no need to be anxious about no prior experience. I feel confident leaving knowing that I can PAT Test with safety in the future"

James Barratt, Birmingham Course, October 2015

"Excellent - Recommended Course. Easy to understand and very professional"

Ian Davies, Cardiff, Feb 2015

"I knew nothing about PAT Testing beforehand, but left the venue feeling completely capable of performing each aspect of the task. Tim James was very helpful and kept what could have been a monotonous day very interesting"

Craig Appleby, Coventry Course, June 2013

"It was a good informative day, very relaxed, and easy to ask questions. Tim came across as very confident, but made us feel very relaxed, while explaining the information in an easy-to-understand format"

William Farell, Edinburgh, Dec 2012

"Best training course I've been on - Venue - Presentation - Organisation.10/10. Excellent!"

Michael Meehan, Gateshead Metrocentre Marriott course Jun 13

"Professional trainer who knows his stuff and delivers it in a relaxed but professional manner."

John Brown, Glasgow Course, Jun 2015

"I found the day very informative and easy to follow and understand."

"Highly recommend this company. I feel competent enough to start PAT Testing after just 1 day and the offer from Tim for on-going support is greatly welcomed."

Ashley Ramussen, Leeds, Sept 2014

"Highly recommended if you want a practical, clear understanding of PAT Testing!"

Jeff Challis - Leicester, February 2014

"Really enjoyed the day - good practical, and explained concepts clearly and using plain language"

Mike Parker, Nottingham, Nov 2012

"I would very much recommend going on this course. Tim as a tutor delivered the course at an easy pace which was backed up by lots of information and hands-on practicals"

Brian Madlcan, London, May 2015

"The course was perfect for me - a novice - a beginners guide and a lot of practical, hands-on PAT Testing. Would strongly recommend"

Gary Clow, St Davids School, Croydon Course, May 2013

"It was very interesting and I will recommend to friends and colleagues. The food was delicious and the venue was very relaxing and conducive to learning.

Tim's course will take me to the next level in my career because of the clear and well laid down procedures and information and instructions"

Nnamdi Onubogy, London Docklands, July 2015

"Tim was very helpful. The practical exercises helped to put the theory into perspective"

Musa Halimeh, Watford, June 2014

"Very good enjoyable day, learned so much in a positive friendly manner. Very nice room, plenty to eat and drink.

Highly recommend PAT Testing Expert for any person who wishes to learn PAT Testing"

Simon Fendick, Manchester, Feb 2015

"Great Day - I learnt how to PAT Test - from zero knowledge at the beginning to confidence at the end"

Annie Moor, Norwich, Dec 2013

"Very helpful course. Came here knowing nothing about PAT Testing and now have a very good understanding of what to do"

Chris Soley, Reading, July 2015

"I learned a lot and had a fun day. Would recommend to everyone who is thinking of doing this course"

Tomas Trapulionis, Sheffield April 2015

"10 out of 10 - Tim is a good teacher and I now feel confident to test the equipment in my office!

S Hillas, Southampton, Nov 2012


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