Updated 31st March 2020

Since the start of the Corona Virus pandemic we've been monitoring the situation carefully and taking steps to reduce every risk in our business. However, it is obviously not possible for us to run courses or carry out PAT Testing work at the current time.

At the present time the following courses are definitely postponed:-

  • 1st April, GLASGOW
  • 2nd April, EDINBURGH
  • 20th April, CARDIFF
  • 21st April, EXETER
  • 27th April, READING
  • 28th April, SOUTHAMPTON
  • 29th April, BRIGHTON
  • 30th April, CENTRAL LONDON

We will make a decision about later dates as and when we have further information. Our office is closed currently but we will be contacting everyone booked on these events to move your booking to a later date.

Once we have sorted out these postponed dates we will be booking lots of new courses in for later in the year, and we will of course be happy to move your booking to any new date, free of charge. We will also be offering some online tuition and seminars which you will be able to access once they are set up.

This is a very difficult and worrying time for many people and we are a small business like many others. We know that the effects of this virus will be many and far reaching for many businesses. However, everyone's health is much more important than anything. We will be back up and running soon, but we thank you for your patience. Please email info@pat-testing-expert.com if you require more information.


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