Updated 11th October 2020


The new restrictions announced by the UK government have caused us to look again at our processes and procedures; however, we do believe that we can continue to run our courses safely and effectively. We've had to switch a couple of venues (especially in Scotland) to make sure we have training rooms large enough.

We’ve studied the new guidance very carefully, and educational events are allowed; especially if they cannot easily be offered online. Our course is a skills-based health and safety course, mostly for essential and key workers, and the large amount of practical on the course means that it’s not feasible to offer it online.

We've been taking advice directly from central government, following the published guidance but also consulting directly with the cabinet office and colleagues at BEIS to make sure we make the right decisions and get the best advice.

We are able to run courses in most of our booked venues. Where we can run courses we are adopting the following:-

  • Each learner will be 2m apart (at least) for the training - both for the lecture part and the practical exercises, unless 2 or more people attend from the same household. Learners will be asked to wear a face covering for the practical session and demonstrations.
  • We will use the largest rooms available for the course (as a guide we will use rooms which, prior to Covid-19, could accommodate 150+ people but limiting our course numbers to max 6 or 8 people.)
  • Equipment for the practical part of the course will be cleaned and disinfected prior to the practical exercises and between each user.
  • Any food and refreshments provided will be individually served (eg pre-packed sandwiches or hot meal, depending on the venue.) We will still work with the venues to make sure that the catering is as good as possible under the circumstances, but the focus will be on safety and distancing.

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We are taking bookings for all of these courses now, and if you have a booking on a previous date which was postponed, you'll be offered a space on any of these dates as a priority. We're are sure as we can be that the dates confirmed now will go ahead, but as ever, if you make a booking and the course is postponed, then you'll be given the option to move to the later date or have a full refund.

We do know that some people are very anxious to get trained up as soon as possible, we share your frustration - we want to get back up and running (safely, of course.) But we're also aware that other people have had major changes since the lockdown and would prefer to wait until things settle down completely before venturing out to a training course.

We're happy to honour any exisiting bookings indefinitely so if you want to wait till 2021 before using up your space, that's fine with us too.

If you have an exisiting booking we will of course be happy to move your booking to any new date, free of charge. We've attempted to contact everyone, but if we've not had a conversation yet, please call us or email and we'll get you booked on.

PAT Testing Jobs

We are now able to start carrying out PAT Testing, so if you had a job booked in we'll be in contact soon to talk to you about re-arranging. Although we are being VERY careful with social distancing and hygiene measures, it is possible for our engineers to carry out PAT testing safely; and in fact is a good time to get essential maintenance tasks out of the way before things start to return to normal.

This is a very difficult and worrying time for many people and we are a small business like many others. We know that the effects of this virus will be many and far reaching for many businesses. However, everyone's health is much more important than anything.

Please continue to be vigilant, keep your social distance, and of course, stay safe!

Please email info@pat-testing-expert.com if you require more information.


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