BATT PAT Battery Powered PAT Tester

The BattPAT is a very easy to use Battery Powered PAT Tester. It is quick and easy to use, with no possibility of errors! The BattPAT is ideal for those wanting to carry out in-house testing of electrical appliances in offices, hotels, schools, colleges and nursing homes. Very easy to use, with clearly marked buttons for different appliances. PASS/FAIL result clearly shown - perfect for non electricians.


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Expert PAT Testing Kit

Containing high quality VDE hand tools (screwdrivers, pliers, cutters and wire strippers etc.), a purpose made 'Test Equipment Case' and one of the latest PAT testing units to enter the market - This is an exceptionally high quality and comprehensive kit. Suitable for anyone wanting to carry out PAT Testing professionally - whether self employed or for employees to PAT test within their company or organisation. This kit will provide everything that you'd need and includes market leading, quality brands.


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A whole range of PAT Testing machines is available from our dedicated site - here are a few of our favourites!


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