At PAT Testing Expert we believe in offering common-sense advice and professional guidance. This extends to our advice and recommedation when it comes to equipment.

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Our advice is generally to keep things simple - you don't need a complex downloading PAT testing machine unless you're setting up a full time professional PAT Testing business - and even then, we'd still recommend that you look at something simple rather than overly complex.

We've put together a couple of kits based around two of the most useful and relevant PAT testers on the market at the current time -

One is based around the BattPAT - a quick and simple machine built in the UK by First Stop Safety. We've been supporting and promoting this machine for more than 10 years now and it's still a great machine for those starting out, or for smaller organisations such as primary schools and care homes.

The second kit is based around a Kewtech EZYPAT - a fairly new machine on the market which is great for professional users and new entrants to the industry.

Both machines are what's known as 'manual' machines which mean that they don't store the data internally; you'll need to record it manually on an Excel spreadsheet or write it down.

You can download a suitable Excel template from here:-

Pat Testing Records Excel Template FREE

BattPAT Kit:- BattPAT Kit leaflet

Kewtech EZYPAT Kit:- Kewtech EZYPAT kit leaflet


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