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PAT Testing Training Course Testimonials

PAT Testing Course testimonials, Comments From Previous Attendees

Here are some genuine comments which have been taken from evaluation forms, which are given to everybody who attends a course.

"A very interesting and informative course. Very well led and has made me very keen to get out PAT Testing. I could tell it was a good course because the day flew."
A Taylor, On Site Training Course Hinckley, February 2017

"I have been waiting about a year to do this course & it was worth the wait. Tim was very good."
Alex Telford, Edinburgh, January 2017

"I do a lot of training and this course, for the price, is excellent. The trainer was very knowledgeable and informative"
Dean Cefferty, Sheffield, January 2017

"10 out of 10, Definitely Recommend. Tim took time to give individual attenton, particularly in relation to the future needs relating to PAT, in my case reselling for charity."
David Miller, Manchester, July 2015

"Brilliant Day - 10/10. I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to do PAT Testing because it has the best balance of theory and practical. I am now in a position to offer PAT Test Services as part of my business" Vaundel Bracksin, Reading Hilton, July 2015

"The course provided all the information I need to get started with PAT Testing on my own. The information presented was given in a very compact one day course but managed to cover all the major issues one might run into when PAT Testing. Thanks very much!" Holly Jensen, Sheffield Hilton, April 2015

"Very informative, learned a lot of different things and all done in a fun and friendly way" Tony Jones, Sheffield, April 2015

"Tim was Great! Really nice guy, really enjoyed it. Top Marks!!!" Colin Gibb, Glasgow Hilton Course, March 2015

"Great explanations, good supporting paperwork, good practicals, well paced"
John Hill, London Docklands, March 2015

"Very informative course, well planned out day, covering all aspects" Mark Greenland, Cardiff Course, February 2015

"Well paced, active, enjoyable. Yes would recommend, experience and action rather than theory."Gavin Jarvis, Manchester February 2015

"A very interesting day. Tim really knows his stuff and is only too happy to make sure everyone knows what they are doing. Many Thanks!" Stephen Brown, Leicester Course (Feb 2014)

"Exellent Venue - good food and refreshments! Tim is a good communicator - explains the subject in a straight-forward way without it being too technical" Marcus Waring, Leicester (Feb 2013)

"I would recommend this course to those with little or no knowledge - who, like me, have a need to use PAT Testing in the workplace. I am very pleased with the practical and informative nature of the day and I now feel confident to test small electrical items in our charity shops."
Annie Moore, The Samaritans, Norwich PAT Testing Course, Sprowston Manor Hotel, (December 2013)

"The course was well-paced and presented in a professional but relaxed way. And the food was marvellous! Very professional, inclusive, informative, expediant, progressive, open, interesting, enjoyable"
Dr Michael Dowling - Liverpool course, Marriott Hotel (June 2013)

"Very Good Day, worth attending for the valuable information. Tim kept the interest up all day!"
Bill Varney, Coventry course, Hilton Hotel (June 2013)

"Very informative and relaxing atmosphere - yes I would recommend to others"
Stephen Langford - Liverpool course Marriott Hotel (June 2013)

"Fantastic Course - all the information was broken down well and easy to understand"
Gareth Karl Davies - TES Aviation, onsite PAT Testing Course (December 2012)

"Course was well presented, informative and well structured"
Kevin Homer - Barchester Healthcare, onsite PAT Testing Course (November 2012)

"The workshop was well structured and coherent. The course notes are useful and informative and the practical element allowed us to put our newly gained knowledge to use"
Patrick Achtelik- Croydon Course, Hilton Croydon (November 2012)

"Good practical session - great to get hands on experience on lots of machines, not just one!"
Molly - Cardiff PAT Testing Course

"Thanks again for the course, I have had excellent feedback from all who attended"
Alan Dodd - In-house course for Sunderland Council

"A very informative course in every aspect, down to earth and easy to learn from Tim with lots packed in to the day"
Ollie Burdett - Nottingham Course (November 2009)

"The PAT Testing Course went very well with very good positive feedback reports from all the guys who attended"
Keith Warren - Drax Power Ltd - On Site PAT Training at Drax Power Station (October 2009)

'The practical training was very informative, excellent course - very well presented'
Brian Beckett - Leeds PAT Testing Course (January 2010)

"Excellent delivery, used funny anecdotes to support the theory. An all-round very good course, would recommend to others"
Pete Wilcox - Liverpool PAT Testing Course (June 2009)

"Good visual aids and demonstrations - a very interesting course, would recommend"
Carl Griffiths - In-house PAT Testing Course for Canford Audio Plc (March 2010)

"Excellent course - Tim has a lovely presentation style and his knowledge is extensive. Well structured and good handouts"
Anonymous - Coventry PAT Testing Course (December 2009)

"Course content easy to follow and covered all the neccessary elements, presented in a relaxed and friendly manor"
Michael Stocks - Newcastle Course (February 2010)

"Well structured day - quality trainer with genuine interest and passion for the subject."
Gavin Lawson - In-House Course for the Lawson Foundation, Edinburgh (December 2009)

"Very informative and enjoyable, the relaxed nature of the course made it easier to learn and it was good to get hands on experience as much as verbal teaching" Anonymous - Glasgow Course (September 2009)

"Tim is a good communicator - very humorous and interesting. A really good day with a good balance between theory and practical, would definitely recommend to others."
Paul - In-house Course on site at Canford Audio Plc (March 2010)

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