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A whole range of PAT Testing machines is available from Yotari - here are a few of our favourites!

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BATT PAT Battery Powered PAT Tester

The BattPAT is a very easy to use Battery Powered PAT Tester. It is quick and easy to use, with no possibility of errors!

The BattPAT is ideal for those wanting to carry out in-house testing of electrical appliances in offices, hotels, schools, colleges and nursing homes. Very easy to use, with clearly marked buttons for different appliances.

PASS/FAIL result clearly shown - perfect for non electricians.

Price £185.00 + VAT (includes Free Shipping)

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Kewtech KT71 PAT Tester
The Kewtech KT71 is a modern PAT Tester designed with speed, ease of use and portability in mind. Its low price makes it an absolute bargain. PAT Testing just got easier!

Click here to download the manufacturer's datasheet and specification.

A single position on the rotary dial indicates the type of test, for example a 'Class 1 for IT equipment.'

The start button initiates the test sequence. In addition to actual test result which is displayed for information, LEDs will indicate the state of each test; Red for FAIL and Green for PASS.

Price £299.00 + VAT (available with Free Shipping)

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Also available from Yotari - the Battery Powered Kewtech KT72

pat testing equipment, Kewtech KT 73 plus - Just £429.00!


Fantastic New PAT Tester from Megger.

The PAT320 is the machine to go for if you are looking for one machine which will do everything!

This machine will test 110V appliances, as well as industrial and 3 phase appliances (with an adaptor)

The full colour screen, and easy to use menus, make this one of the easiest to use, full sized, professional PAT Testers on the market today.

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